A sample of our power plants
A sample of our power plants

Unique quality features

  • German Quality and Safety Standards
  • Easy System operation “Simplicity proofs intelligence”(inaverage 1 Person /2hours/day is efficient)
  • Robust technology designed and build for harsh climate and any kind of substrates
  • Optimized In - Output energy balance. Lächelnd for your ROI
  • Variable feedstocks and quantities are not a problem due to the unique system design
  • Efficient Digestion with optimized methane output
  • Operation Security at highest level through state of the art monitoring, safety and control Systems
  • Modular System Design and Construction allows for future expansion without interrupting operation
  • Low Operation and maintenance cost

Energy Output

  • Methane Gas
  • Electrical Energy
  • Heat by hot water or steam

After Sales Services

  • System monitoring Remote and onsite
  • System optimizing
  • Maintenance
  • Spare parts and replacement parts
  • Repair works
  • Operation and Maintenance Training